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Easter Rebus Story (Kindergarten)

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Easter Rebus Story

Before the sun came up on Easter morning, a rustling sound woke Emma from her sleep.

"What's that noise?" she wondered.

She thought it sounded like a Easter - Brown Chick - Small rustling through the leaves or maybe a Easter - Bunny - Small.

Emma got out of bed and looked out her window. She saw the source of the sound, but it wasn't a Easter - Brown Chick - Small. It was a Easter - Bunny - Small, but not an ordinary bunny. It was the Easter - Bunny 2 - Small!

Emma watched the Easter - Bunny 2 - Small hide Easter - Egg 1 - Small all over the yard. Then the Easter - Bunny 2 - Small disappeared.

Emma went back to bed. When she woke up again, she thought she had been dreaming, but when she looked out her window, there were the Easter - Egg 1 - Small ready for an egg hunt.
What did Emma see when she woke up?
  1. Easter - Bunny - Small
  2. Easter - Brown Chick - Small
  3. Easter - Bunny 2 - Small
What did the Easter - Bunny 2 - Small hide?
  1. eggs
  2. candy
  3. flowers
What did Emma hear when she woke up?
  1. A chick
  2. A song
  3. A noise
  4. A tap
Which egg did the Easter - Bunny 2 - Small hide?
  1. Easter - Egg 1 - Small
  2. Easter - Egg 2 - Small
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