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A Boy's Summer Song Poem (Grade 3)

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A Boy's Summer Song Poem

Tis fine to play
In the fragrant hay,
And romp on the golden load;
To ride old Jack
To the barn and back,
Or tramp by a shady road.
To pause and drink,
At a mossy brink;
Ah, that is the best of joy,
And so I say
On a summer's day,
What's so fine as being a boy? Ha, Ha!
With line and hook
By a babbling brook,
The fisherman's sport we ply;
And list the song
Of the feathered throng
That flit in the branches nigh.
At last we strip
For a quiet dip;
Ah, that is the best of joy.
For this I say
On a summer's day,
What's so fine as being a boy? Ha, Ha!
What is the main idea of the poem?
  1. Boys can have a lot of fun outdoors in the summer.
  2. You can go fishing in the summer.
  3. Girls and boys enjoy the summertime.
  4. Summer is for relaxing outside.
Who is old Jack?
  1. The speaker's grandfather
  2. The speaker's best friend
  3. The speaker's horse
  4. The speaker's dog
Which is NOT an activity boys enjoy during the summer?
  1. eating watermelon
  2. jumping in hay
  3. riding horses
  4. swimming
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