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Emoji Rebus Story (Grade 1)

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Emoji Rebus Story

Sarah was a girl who really her . Every night, Sarah would to her . Then she would go to with her curled up by her side.

One morning, Sarah woke up and could not find her anywhere! Sarah was . She didn't know where her could be.

Suddenly, Sarah had an . She would and hope that her would hear her voice and come home.

Sarah's worked. Her heard her song and came home. Sarah was so happy. Her was happy too.
  1. pet
  2. cat
  3. happy
  4. love
  1. brain
  2. question
  3. idea
  4. happy
  1. happy
  2. scared
  3. sad
  4. excited
  1. laugh
  2. sleep
  3. sing
  4. play
  1. tired
  2. sleep
  3. awake
  4. bed
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