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The Elf on the Shelf (Grade 2)

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The Elf on the Shelf

The way Santa knows if someone is naughty or nice, used to be
  1. a big secret.
  2. locked up in a box.
  3. a handwritten list of names.
  4. controlled by the elves.
Why did Santa send his friendly scout elf?
  1. to give parents money for gifts
  2. to feed and brush the reindeer
  3. to watch and report on kids
  4. to make toys for kids
What is the first thing kids must do when the elf arrives?
  1. shake his hand
  2. give him a name
  3. share the secret password
  4. be extra good
Every night the elf flies back to the North Pole. What helps the elf get back quickly?
  1. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  2. a turbo-charged sleigh
  3. Christmas magic
  4. a rocket ship
Which is an example of a bad thing the elf will report?
  1. a kiss
  2. a push
  3. a grin
  4. a mess
What must kids do when they wake up each day?
  1. promise to be good
  2. find the elf's new hiding spot
  3. write a letter to Santa
  4. apologize for being bad
Which is an example of a place the Elf of the Shelf might hide?
  1. on a plant
  2. in the toilet
  3. in the car
  4. on the roof
The Elf on the Shelf only has one rule. What is it?
  1. Do not tell anyone about him.
  2. Treat him with kindness.
  3. Do not touch.
  4. Feed him cookies.
Which is something the Elf on the Shelf cannot do?
  1. fly to the North Pole
  2. visit Santa Claus
  3. tell good from bad
  4. speak to kids
What details about the elf let the kids know he is listening?
  1. the gleam in his eye and smile on his face
  2. the microphone in his hand and headphones on his head
  3. his gigantic ears
  4. his waving hands
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