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The Snowman (Grade 2)

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The Snowman

When James woke up, he knew it would be a magical day. Why?
  1. It was snowing.
  2. He got to sleep in.
  3. It was his birthday.
  4. The sun was shining.
While he was playing in the snow, James had an idea. What was it?
  1. He would build a snowman.
  2. He would dye the snow blue.
  3. He would save some snow for snow cones.
  4. He would invite his friends over for a snowball fight.
James created a big, big body for his snowman. Then, he
  1. put on a big round head.
  2. called his mom to help.
  3. added a carrot for a nose.
  4. took a quick break for lunch.
James' added a mouth to his snowman. How did James add the mouth?
  1. He sprayed it with water.
  2. He drew it with his finger.
  3. He used four small rocks.
  4. He used a bottle of food coloring.
Why did James have trouble sleeping?
  1. He was very cold.
  2. He couldn't wait for Christmas.
  3. He kept thinking about his snowman.
  4. He was worried his snowman would melt.
James realized his snowman was magical. Which detail showed that the snowman was magical?
  1. It had coal eyes.
  2. It raised its hat.
  3. It was smiling.
  4. It had a carrot nose.
The snowman went inside the house. What part of the house did he like best?
  1. the fridge
  2. the fireplace
  3. James's toys
  4. Mom's perfume
The snowman's legs became very hot. What caused them to become very hot?
  1. the fireplace
  2. the candles
  3. the rays from the sun
  4. the heat from the motorbike
The snowman heard a sound. What happened next?
  1. He disappeared.
  2. He started to cry.
  3. He said goodbye to James.
  4. He and James flew through the air.
Where did the snowman take James?
  1. to the North pole
  2. to a pond to ice skate
  3. to a party full of snowmen
  4. to a magical winter wonderland
James met Father Christmas. What did Father Christmas do?
  1. called him a good boy
  2. gave him a present and a hug
  3. thanked him for building a snowman
  4. asked him to help deliver presents on Christmas Eve
After the party, the snowman took James back home. Before going inside, James
  1. took the snowman's hat.
  2. gave the snowman a hug.
  3. named the snowman Charles.
  4. made the snowman promise to never leave.
In the morning, James rushed outside. What did he find?
  1. the snowman waving at him
  2. a whole yard full of snowmen
  3. melted snow and the snowman's parts
  4. his friends ready to build another snowman
James reached into his pocket and found the present from Father Christmas. What did Father Christmas give him?
  1. a toy truck
  2. a bag of coal
  3. a snowman scarf
  4. a red snow shovel
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