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A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree (Grade 1)

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A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree

What do they do every year?
  1. have a feast
  2. build a snowman
  3. cut down a Christmas tree
  4. fill their Christmas stockings
How did the trees feel?
  1. They were sad.
  2. They were scared.
  3. They were excited.
  4. They were annoyed.
One tree knew he would not be picked. Why?
  1. He was too big and tall.
  2. He was too short and round.
  3. His needles were too green.
  4. His needles were too brown.
The animals all told the tree that
  1. he was old.
  2. he was mean.
  3. he was important.
  4. he was handsome.
How did the tree help the deer?
  1. His trunk made a wind block.
  2. His needles made a soft bed.
  3. His bark made a healthy meal.
  4. His height kept out the wind.
The animals decided to help the tree. What did they do?
  1. They cut him down.
  2. They decorated him.
  3. They baked him a cake.
  4. They found him a family.
Which is NOT something the animals used?
  1. acorns
  2. icicles
  3. bananas
  4. berries
What did the crow bring for the tree?
  1. a star
  2. a nest
  3. some leaves
  4. some garland
How did the tree feel when he woke up?
  1. sad
  2. angry
  3. excited
  4. surprised
The tree learned a lesson. What was it?
  1. Animals like trees too.
  2. Being a friend is important.
  3. Acorns and icicles make good decorations.
  4. Christmas trees are the most beautiful trees.
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