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The Polar Express (Grade 3)

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The Polar Express

When did the story the narrator told take place?
  1. in 1987
  2. many years ago
  3. on Monday
  4. in ancient times
While the narrator was listening for bells, what did he discover?
  1. a lost puppy
  2. a train outside his window
  3. a bag full of candy canes
  4. a herd of reindeer
There were a lot of children. All of them were
  1. dressed in pajamas.
  2. drinking egg nog.
  3. from the narrator's school.
  4. on the naughty list.
A simile is a comparison that uses like or as. The narrator used a simile when he compared                            to a car on a roller coaster.
  1. his bed
  2. driving down a hill
  3. the size of Santa's sleigh
  4. the speed of the train
What was the train's destination?
  1. The Polar Express
  2. The North Pole
  3. The Ice Kingdom
  4. The Winter Wonderland
When they arrived at their destination, the conductor told the children something special was going to happen. What was it?
  1. Santa was going to give the first gift of Christmas.
  2. The reindeer were going to participate in the reindeer games.
  3. The elves were going to finish building the final toy.
  4. Mrs. Claus was going to bake them cookies.
After he got off the train at the North Pole, what happened to the narrator?
  1. He dropped his mittens in the snow.
  2. Santa chose him to receive the first gift.
  3. Mrs. Claus invited him in for hot chocolate and cookies.
  4. He woke up from his dream.
What did the narrator want for Christmas?
  1. a new bike
  2. a necklace for his mother
  3. a bell from Santa's sleigh
  4. a treasure chest full of gold
What happened to the narrator's gift?
  1. It got lost in the snow.
  2. It disappeared into thin air.
  3. It was stolen by another boy.
  4. It fell through a hole in his pocket.
The narrator opened on last present and found the gift from Santa. What was unusual about the gift?
  1. His parents couldn't hear it ring.
  2. It was smaller than he remembered.
  3. He didn't know who gave it to him.
  4. It was something he already had.
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