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How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah? (Grade 1)

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How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?

Dinosaurs do not act up when mama
  1. comes in with the holiday lights.
  2. brings in a giant turkey.
  3. asks what they want for Chanukah.
During the candlelight prayer, a dinosaur does not
  1. sit silently.
  2. close his eyes.
  3. fidget and fuss.
When no one is around, the dinosaur does not
  1. sing a song.
  2. blow out the candles.
  3. eat a plate of latkes.
When presents are hidden under the bed, the dinosaur does not                 them.
  1. peek at
  2. sing to
  3. ask about
The dinosaur should not squeeze the candy coins until
  1. they melt.
  2. they disappear.
  3. they get his hands dirty.
When it comes time to play the dreidel game, the dinosaur
  1. takes turns.
  2. takes all the dreidels.
  3. throws a loud tantrum.
At dinner, the dinosaur
  1. eats all his latkes.
  2. leaves crumbs all over.
  3. chews with his mouth open.
In bed, for eight nights, the dinosaur
  1. cries.
  2. screams.
  3. snores.
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