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Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins (Grade 3)

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Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

How was the village different from what Hershel expected when he arrived?
  1. The inn was full.
  2. The village was cold.
  3. The people were unfriendly.
  4. The village was dark and silent.
Why didn't the people in the village celebrate Hanukkah?
  1. because of the goblins
  2. because they had no money
  3. because they were not Jewish
  4. because it was not time for Hanukkah
What did Hershel have to do?
  1. spend eight nights in synagogue
  2. leave town as the goblins followed him
  3. prepare enough latkes to feed the goblins
  4. write and perform a new Hanukkah song for the people
To prove to the goblins that he was strong, Hershel said he could
  1. crush rocks
  2. carry the goblin
  3. lift one-hundred pounds
  4. move a giant stone from the door
How did Hershel trick the goblin on the second night?
  1. He got his hand stuck in a jar of pickles.
  2. He used a wand to make him fall asleep.
  3. He lit his tail on fire with a match.
  4. He put a spell on him.
The goblin wanted to play the dreidel game because
  1. he liked to win.
  2. he could get candy.
  3. he wanted to trick the man.
  4. he could make lots of money.
Each night, the goblins
  1. stayed with Hershel.
  2. became bigger and scarier.
  3. stole all of the candles and matches.
  4. ate potatoes and applesauce with Hershel.
Suspense is when a reader is unsure about what would happen. The author uses suspense when he
  1. shows the first goblin arriving.
  2. has Hershel trick the goblins.
  3. has the villagers tell Hershel about the goblins.
  4. says the biggest goblin will come on the eighth night.
What joke did Hershel play on the last goblin?
  1. He fed him sour pickles.
  2. He prayed for God to help him.
  3. He had him light all of the candles.
  4. He crowned him and called him the king.
How did the village change after Hershel came?
  1. It went dark at night.
  2. Everyone celebrated Hanukkah.
  3. They made Hershel mayor of the village.
  4. All of the houses in the village were repaired.
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