This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea ESS3A and NGSS 4-ESS3-1.

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Earth's Resources (Grade 4)

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Earth's Resources

A material found in nature that is useful to humans is a
  1. natural resource.
  2. energy resource.
  3. renewable resource.
  4. mineral.
An electric car is a natural resource.
Earth Day - Electric Car
  1. True
  2. False
Which is a natural resource?
  1. Summer - Tree - Small tree
  2. Valentine's Day - Cup Cake - Small cupcake
  3. Fall - Umbrella - Small umbrella
  4. Back To School - Notebook - Small notebook
Which is a natural resource?
  1. Summer - Boat - Small boat
  2. Winter - Hat - Small hat
  3. Summer - Ice Cream - Small ice cream
  4. Fall - Pumkin - Small pumpkin
How can people harm natural resources?
  1. they can waste them
  2. they can protect them
  3. they can reuse them
  4. they can save them
Nonrenewable resources are resources that
  1. can be used again and again.
  2. cannot be replaced in a human lifetime.
  3. can be replaced quickly.
  4. can be replaced in a lifetime.
Trees, solar energy, plants, oxygen and fresh water are examples of
  1. renewable resources.
  2. nonrenewable resources.
What types of resources are fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas?
  1. nonrenewable
  2. renewable
  3. preserved
  4. unlimited
Which of these is a nonrenewable resource?
  1. wood
  2. wind
  3. copper
  4. water
Water is an important resource in Florida. Fresh water is used for homes and businesses. Salt water is used for recreation and fishing. What type of resource is water?
  1. human resource
  2. mineral resource
  3. renewable resource
  4. nonrenewable resource

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