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Elementary Logic Puzzles (Grade 4)

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Elementary Logic Puzzles

Can you solve the logic puzzle?

Brad, Matt, Jake, Sierra, and Zoe are all entering the science fair. Each one has created a different science experiment (bees, volcano, flowers, bread rising, planetary motion). Can you figure out who created each experiment and how they decided to display it (presentation, model, video, song, interactive exhibit)?

Here are the facts:
1. The person who studied bees, who is not Zoe because she is allergic - planned to give a presentation.
2. The person who made a volcano, who was not Sierra, did not write a song.
3. Jake was able to eat his science fair project at the end of the experiment.
4. Unlike the projects on bread rising and planetary motion, Sierra's project included a video.
5. Sierra could smell her project, while Zoe could hear her display.
6. Matt carried his display, which was somewhat cone-shaped, into the science fair.

Can you solve this logic problem?

A teacher is filling out report cards for students and she has the information all mixed up. This is what she knows:

Students: Carrie, Marco, Alyssa, Bailey, Jose
Subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Art
Grades: A+, A, B+, B, C

1. None of the students earned a grade that begins with the first letter of her name.
2. Marco, who doesn't take Art or Social Studies, earned the lowest grade.
3. Jose earned a lower grade in his subject than Carrie earned in English.
4. Neither Bailey nor Alyssa earned a grade in Math.
5. The grade for Art is B.

Can you solve this logic puzzle?

Jorge's sisters (Holly, Mariana, Eliza, and Kiki) all keep diaries. Jorge loves to sneak in and read their diaries. He has tons of secrets on his sisters. Can you figure out which secrets belong to which sister?

Crush: Marco, Jose, Henry, Brandon
Bad Habit: Bites nails, Picks nose, Eats chocolate, Watches scary movies
Secret Wish: To win a million dollars, to drive a racecar, to go to Florida, to get a boyfriend

The entries Jorge read said:

June 5: Need to get a manicure so Jose will notice me. Maybe Mariana will come with.
June 6: Asked Brandon to go to NASCAR race with me. He's a great friend. Can even pick my nose around him.
June 7: Double date with Henry and Eliza. Didn't like scary movie. Hope Jose becomes my boyfriend.
June 8: Marco bought me a box of chocolate, offered some to Holly and Mariana, they she refused. Didn't ask Eliza. She cut out sweets before Spring Break trip to Florida.

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