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The Lorax (Grade 3)

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The Lorax

Who tells the tale of the Lorax?
  1. the Lorax
  2. the narrator
  3. the Once-ler
  4. the Thneeds
The place where the Lorax lived was known for one thing. What was it?
  1. green grass
  2. tall skyscrapers
  3. Truffula Trees
  4. Thousands of Sneeds
Which detail does NOT describe the Truffula Trees?
  1. soft
  2. colorful
  3. very healthy
  4. sweet-smelling
What did the Once-ler make with the Truffula Tree?
  1. houses
  2. pencils
  3. thneeds
  4. trampolines
Which is NOT a word that can be used to describe the Lorax?
  1. polite
  2. mossy
  3. oldish
  4. shortish
What problem did the Lorax have?
  1. His sleep was interrupted.
  2. He wanted to save the trees.
  3. He did not like to wear clothes.
  4. His friends had all run away from him.
Which word best describes the Once-ler?
  1. kind
  2. greedy
  3. creative
  4. bothersome
The Once-ler cut down lots of Truffula Trees. What was the effect?
  1. The Lorax stayed away forever.
  2. The Brown Bar-ba-loots had no food.
  3. The thneeds were not selling fast enough.
  4. The Once-ler family had a lot of problems.
The Lorax sent away the swans. What caused him to do this?
  1. There was too much smog.
  2. There was not enough water.
  3. There were more thneeds to be made.
  4. There were too many swans in the area.
What caused the Once-ler's business to end?
  1. No one wanted thneeds.
  2. They cut down the last Truffula Tree.
  3. The Lorax made him close his factory.
  4. All the animals complained to the mayor.
How did the Lorax feel before he flew away?
  1. sad
  2. happy
  3. relieved
  4. excited
What word was the Once-ler left with?
  1. Adios
  2. Greed
  3. Unless
  4. Forever
The Once-ler dropped something. What was it?
  1. a drop of water
  2. the last Truffula seed
  3. a bucket with money in it
  4. the very last of the thneeds
What is the moral of The Lorax?
  1. Don't be greedy.
  2. Listen to the Lorax.
  3. Take care of the planet.
  4. Never cut down any trees.
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