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Miss Rumphius (Grade 3)

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Miss Rumphius

How is the Lupine Lady related to the narrator?
  1. She is his sister.
  2. She is his mother.
  3. She is his great-aunt.
  4. She is his best friend.
Where did the Lupine Lady live?
  1. in the city
  2. by the sea
  3. in the country
  4. on top of a mountain
What job did Alice's grandfather have?
  1. artist
  2. sailor
  3. doctor
  4. plumber
What did Alice's grandfather want her to do?
  1. paint pictures
  2. live by the sea
  3. become a doctor
  4. make the world beautiful
Alice became an adult. What was her first job?
  1. an artist
  2. a doctor
  3. a teacher
  4. a librarian
What happened everywhere Miss Rumphius went?
  1. She became sick.
  2. She painted a picture.
  3. She made new friends.
  4. She got an idea for a new book.
What did Miss Rumphius see from her window that made her happy?
  1. birds
  2. lupines
  3. the ocean
  4. her friends
How did Miss Rumphius make the world beautiful?
  1. She painted pictures.
  2. She was kind to everyone.
  3. She scattered flower seeds everywhere.
  4. She wrote books about faraway places.
What will the narrator most likely do sometime in the future?
  1. plant seeds
  2. go to college
  3. become a librarian
  4. make the world beautiful
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