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Yertle the Turtle (Grade 1)

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Yertle the Turtle

Yertle the Turtle was                 of the pond.
  1. king
  2. mayor
  3. father
  4. watchman
How did the turtles feel at the beginning of the story?
  1. sad
  2. angry
  3. happy
  4. excited
Yertle the Turtle decided the kingdom was too                .
  1. big
  2. small
  3. boring
  4. exciting
Yertle the Turtle built a new                .
  1. shelf
  2. tower
  3. house
  4. throne
What did the other turtles do to help Yertle?
  1. made a stack
  2. caught flies for dinner
  3. swam to another pond
  4. elected a new turtle king
What did Yertle the Turtle rule?
  1. his pond
  2. his family
  3. all the turtles
  4. all he could see
What was wrong with Mack?
  1. He was too big.
  2. He was very sore.
  3. He needed a warmer sweater.
  4. He wanted to be on top of the stack.
Which word best describes Yertle the Turtle?
  1. kind
  2. greedy
  3. helpful
  4. friendly
Mack decided he had enough. What did he do?
  1. smiled
  2. burped
  3. laughed
  4. coughed
What did Yertle the Turtle become?
  1. king of the mud
  2. king of the pond
  3. king of the turtles
  4. king of all he could see
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