This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea LS4.D.

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Is the Animal a Fish? (Grade 3)

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Is the Animal a Fish?

Instructions: Fish live in water their whole lives. They have backbones and use gills to breathe. Decide if each animal is a fish.

The animal shown has fins, gills, and lives in water.

Is the animal a fish?
Animal - X-Ray Fish
  1. no
  2. yes
Octopuses live in water. They use gills to breathe. Octopuses have no bones. This allows them to squeeze into tiny spaces.

Are octopuses fish?
Animal - Octopus
  1. no
  2. yes
The great white shark is the top predator of the ocean food chain. It spends its life swimming and hunting fish and marine mammals for food.

Is the great white shark a fish?
  1. no
  2. yes
Walruses use their flippers for swimming in ocean water. They can also use their flippers for moving across land and ice sheets. Is the walrus a fish?
Animal - Walrus
  1. no
  2. yes
A frog changes as it grows. It begins life as a tadpole. It lives in water and uses gills to breathe. Over time, it grows legs and lungs. Its tail shrinks. Once grown, the adult frog hops onto land!

Is a frog a fish?
  1. no
  2. yes

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