This printable supports Next Generation Science Standards Disciplinary Core Idea PS1A and 2-PS1-1.

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Sorting Materials by Properties (Grade 2)

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Sorting Materials by Properties

Instructions: Fall - Rain Boot - Red - SmallFall - Rain Boot - Green - SmallWhat are some words that describe the two rubber rain boots? Can you describe their colors? Do you think they feel smooth or bumpy? Would they bend if you tried to pull them on your feet?

We can describe and sort materials by their properties. Color is a property. The boots are different colors. They could be sorted into different groups by their colors. Another property is texture. Texture is how something feels. The boots are smooth. They could be sorted into the same group because their textures are the same. Flexible materials can bend without breaking. The rubber boots would bend when pulled on. They could be sorted into the same group because they are both flexible.

Answer the questions about sorting materials by their properties.

Justin finds a shell. It feels bumpy.
Summer - Sea Shell - Small
Justin sorts the shell into a group by its texture. Which other object is most likely in the same group as the shell?
  1. Easter - Egg 2 - Small egg
  2. Fall - Apple - Small apple
  3. Fall - Corn - Small corn
Both the boat and balloons can be filled with air. They stretch as the air goes in.
Summer - BoatGeneral - Baloons
The boat and balloons share which property?
  1. Both are hard.
  2. Both are fuzzy.
  3. Both are flexible.
Nate and Elena are sorting rocks into groups. The table describes each group of rocks.
Awhite to light tan
Breddish to light brown
Cdark brown to black

What property are Nate and Elena using to sort the rocks?
  1. color
  2. texture
  3. flexibility
  4. hardness
Two science students sift dirt. Afterwards, they have two piles of dirt. The dirt in one pile is mostly small rocks and pebbles. The dirt in the other pile is mostly sand grains.

The dirt was sorted into piles by which property?
  1. color
  2. texture
  3. flexibility
  4. hardness
Anna observes the properties of an object. She writes her descriptions in the table.
flexibilitybreaks when bent
texturemostly smooth

Which of these could Anna be describing?
  1. Fall - Leaves - Small leaves
  2. Basketball basketball
  3. Winter - Hat - Small hat
  4. Pencil - Small pencil

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