Back-to-School Time! (Grade 3)

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Back-to-School Time!

Instructions: Read the paragraph. Use the paragraph to answer the questions.

Clock 07:00 It’s the first day of school! Gil doesn’t want to be late. His alarm buzzes at 7:00 a.m. and he jumps out of bed. It takes him 10 minutes to dress in his new school clothes. He is very hungry for breakfast now! First, Gil makes and eats his breakfast. Next, he brushes his teeth. Then, he checks the clock. It reads 7:30.

“I better hurry,” says Gil. “The bus comes in 15 minutes!”

Back To School - School Bus - SmallGil puts his lunchbox and school supplies in his backpack. Then, he walks to the bus stop with his father. They get to the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus should arrive. Gil is happy to see his friends at the bus stop! The bus comes right on time. Gil gets on the bus and rides off to his first day of school!

Gil slept for ten and one-half hours before his alarm went off. What time did Gil fall asleep the night before?               
At what time does Gil finish dressing?               
How many minutes does Gil spend on breakfast and brushing?               
It takes Gil 3 minutes to brush his teeth. How many minutes does he spend making and eating breakfast?               
How many minutes does it take Gil to pack his backpack and walk to the bus stop?               
At what time does Gil get to the bus stop?               
How many minutes does Gil spend with his friends before the bus arrives?               
At what time does the bus arrive?               
How many minutes passed between when Gil's alarm went off and the bus arrived?               
The bus ride to school is 25 minutes. At what time does the bus arrive at school?               

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