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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chapter 1 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chapter 1

Instructions: Answer the questions related to Chapter 1 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Who are Grandpa Joe and Grandma Josephine?
  1. Charlie's adoptive parents
  2. Wonka's helpers in the factory
  3. the old people who live next door
  4. the father and mother of Mr. Bucket
Which choice best describes the house where Charlie lives?
  1. It is very large.
  2. It is very cramped.
  3. It is very beautiful.
  4. It is very expensive.
Which word best describes Charlie's family?
  1. poor
  2. large
  3. popular
  4. snobbish
What is Mr. Bucket's job?
  1. doctor
  2. dog walker
  3. garbage collector
  4. toothpaste cap-screwer
What does Charlie's family eat the most?
  1. cheese
  2. cabbage
  3. chocolate
  4. cantaloupe
Why does Charlie eat his chocolate slowly?
  1. He only gets to eat it once a year.
  2. He doesn't like the taste of chocolate.
  3. He doesn't want to gain too much weight.
  4. He tracks how long it takes to melt on his tongue.
What is the thing that tortured Charlie more than anything else?
  1. seeing other kids eat chocolate
  2. having to sit through math class
  3. the chocolate factory in the town
  4. the long walk to and from school
What does Charlie love most about the chocolate factory?
  1. its size
  2. its smell
  3. its sounds
  4. its free chocolate
What does the author compare the chocolate bar Charlie receives for his birthday to?
  1. a bar of solid gold
  2. a special candy bar
  3. a large birthday cake
  4. a present from the king
Which description best describes Charlie?
  1. a nice kid who likes to share
  2. a weird boy who doesn't fit in
  3. a rich kid who is very popular
  4. a poor boy who loves chocolate
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