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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chapter 2 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chapter 2

Instructions: Answer the questions related to Chapter 2 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What does Charlie do after supper?
  1. finishes his homework
  2. listens to his grandparents' stories
  3. goes outside to play with his friends
  4. heads to work at Wonka's chocolate factory
How old are Charlie's grandparents?
  1. over 60
  2. over 70
  3. over 80
  4. over 90
Which choice best describes how Charlie's grandparents feel about him?
  1. He is a growing boy.
  2. He is the bright spot in their day.
  3. He really enjoys eating chocolate.
  4. He loves them more than anything else.
Why are Charlie's grandparents' stories important?
  1. They are true.
  2. They make the room happy.
  3. They cause the grandparents to feel young.
  4. They help Charlie to get into the chocolate factory.
What does Grandpa Joe compare Mr. Willy Wonka to?
  1. a magician
  2. a beautician
  3. a football player
  4. a popular singer
What is unique about the chocolate ice cream Grandpa Joe tells Charlie about?
  1. It tastes like vanilla.
  2. It can stay cold for hours.
  3. It is made using ice from glaciers.
  4. It causes your mouth to fill with chocolate.
Why does Grandpa Joe describe all of the things Mr. Willy Wonka can make?
  1. to tell Charlie what to buy at the candy store
  2. to describe how amazing Mr. Willy Wonka is
  3. to brag that Grandpa Joe has tried all of them
  4. to show how much Mr. Willy Wonka loves candy
Which is NOT something Grandpa Joe says that Mr. Willy Wonka can make?
  1. large candy balloons
  2. marshmallows that taste like violets
  3. chewing gum that never loses its taste
  4. chocolate bars that taste like fried chicken
Choose the correct word to fill in the blank.

Grandpa Joe is the                 oldest of the grandparents.
  1. oldest
  2. tallest
  3. shortest
  4. youngest
How does talking with Charlie make Grandpa Joe feel?
  1. like a young boy
  2. tired and worn out
  3. hungry for chocolate
  4. very smart and intelligent
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