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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 13-14 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 13-14

What was the atmosphere like on the day of the visit?
  1. sad
  2. calm
  3. angry
  4. excited
What time was the tour supposed to start?
  1. 6:00
  2. 10:00
  3. 12:00
  4. It wasn't announced.
What did all of the other kids bring that Charlie didn't? (Choose all that apply)
  1. winter coats
  2. both parents
  3. chocolate bars
  4. video cameras
What did Veruca Salt have to do to get what she wanted?
  1. scream
  2. pay for it
  3. ask nicely
  4. take it from someone
What color was Mr. Wonka's coat?
  1. gold
  2. plum
  3. green
  4. yellow
Which phrase best describes Mr. Wonka?
  1. full of life
  2. sad and lonely
  3. a boring person
  4. a very kind man
What did Mr. Wonka say he thought a veruca was?
  1. a wart
  2. a flower
  3. a type of car
  4. a town in Italy
Why did Mr. Wonka have to keep the factory warm?
  1. It was very cold outside.
  2. He wanted the chocolate to melt.
  3. There was little insulation in the factory.
  4. His workers were used to a hot climate.
Which word best describes the initial feeling about the factory?
  1. It was small.
  2. It smelled bad.
  3. It was confusing.
  4. It was freezing cold.
Where were most of the rooms in the factory located?
  1. underground
  2. in the clouds
  3. behind a fake wall
  4. in the chocolate area
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