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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 17-18 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 17-18

What was Augustus Gloop doing to the chocolate?
  1. dirtying it
  2. making it sticky
  3. putting it into his pockets
  4. keeping it from hardening
What happened to Augustus Gloop?
  1. He ate too much candy.
  2. He got bored during the trip.
  3. He fell into the chocolate river.
  4. He was put in time out by Mr. Wonka.
What was Mrs. Gloop worried her son would be made into?
  1. peanuts
  2. chocolate
  3. cream puffs
  4. marshmallows
Why wouldn't Mr. Wonka let Augustus Gloop become chocolate fudge?
  1. He cared about him.
  2. He would taste terrible.
  3. The Gloops would sue him.
  4. The machines would break.
What did the Oompa-Loompas sing at song about?
  1. the jungle
  2. Mr. Wonka
  3. chocolate bars
  4. Augustus Gloop
It was time to continue the journey. How did they travel?
  1. by foot
  2. by boat
  3. by train
  4. by plane
What did Mr. Wonka give Charlie and Grandpa Joe?
  1. a bottle of milk
  2. a glass of water
  3. a special fizzy pop
  4. a mug of chocolate
Which word best describes the tunnel they went through?
  1. short
  2. smelly
  3. pitch-dark
  4. open-ended
What unusual item was listed on the sign for Storeroom 54?
  1. pizza
  2. fingers
  3. hair cream
  4. walking sticks
What did Mr. Wonka call Violet Beauregarde?
  1. a has bean
  2. a pretty girl
  3. a gum chewer
  4. a pain in the knee
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