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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 19-20 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 19-20

Who is NOT one of the men who would like to get Mr. Wonka's recipes?
  1. Slugworth
  2. Prodnose
  3. Juniperbee
  4. Fickelgruber
What are the rules Mr. Wonka gives the children in the invention room? (Choose all that apply)
  1. No tasting
  2. No touching
  3. No sneezing
  4. No meddling
What did Charlie compare the invention room to?
  1. a spa
  2. a witch's kitchen
  3. an amusement park
  4. a winter wonderland
What did the Everlasting Gobstopper look like?
  1. a penny
  2. a marble
  3. a baseball
  4. a lifesaver
Which is NOT something the Everlasting Gobstopper can do?
  1. lose its flavor
  2. change color once a week
  3. always stay the same size
  4. allow you to keep sucking it
What did the hair toffee do to the Oompa-Loompa?
  1. made him bald
  2. made him very ill
  3. made him change color
  4. made him grow a beard
What did Mr. Wonka think was a waste of time?
  1. arguing
  2. dancing
  3. chewing gum
  4. watching television
What was the stick of grey cardboard?
  1. a note
  2. a bracelet
  3. a newspaper
  4. a piece of gum
Mr. Wonka pressed some buttons on a machine. The machine was full of all kinds of runny stuff. The runny stuff
  1. tasted like candy.
  2. smelled really bad.
  3. was different colors.
  4. splashed onto their shoes.
Which character besides Mr. Wonka was most excited about the grey strip of cardboard?
  1. Mike Teavee
  2. Grandpa Joe
  3. Charlie Bucket
  4. Violet Beauregarde
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