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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 27-28 (Grade 3)

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chap. 27-28

What did Mr. Wonka compare breakfast cereal to?
  1. squirrel food
  2. wood shavings
  3. chocolate bars
  4. rainbow sprinkles
Mike Teavee wanted to know if Mr. Wonka could send                 by television.
  1. cars
  2. pets
  3. people
  4. clothes
How did Mike Teavee change when he was in the television?
  1. He was tiny.
  2. He was very loud.
  3. He was very sleepy.
  4. He was wearing different clothes.
How did Mr. Wonka plan to fix Mike Teavee?
  1. stretch him
  2. fill him up with air
  3. photograph him again
  4. feed him lots of chocolate
What does vitamin Wonka do to kids?
  1. It makes them crazy.
  2. It makes them very sleepy.
  3. It makes them extra healthy.
  4. It makes them have long toes.
What did the Oompa-Loompas sing about?
  1. making new friends
  2. their love for chocolate
  3. the dangers of television
  4. the winner of the contest
What did the Oompa-Loompas suggest children do in their song?
  1. read
  2. sing
  3. play ball
  4. watch tv
How many children were left at the beginning of Chapter 28?
  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3
What happened to Charlie at the beginning of chapter 28?
  1. He felt sick.
  2. He learned he won.
  3. He tripped on a rug.
  4. He got a free chocolate bar.
Mr. Wonka, Grandpa Joe, and Charlie got into the elevator. Where did they go?
  1. through the door
  2. to the Invention Room
  3. to the Television Room
  4. through the roof of the factory
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