This supplemental quiz accompanies Grade 1 Daily Math Practice Week 26. Use on the fifth day of Week 26 for progress monitoring.

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Week 26 Quiz - Grade 1 (Grade 1)

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Week 26 Quiz - Grade 1

How many equal parts of the circle?
Circle 0/4
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
The sneaker is 6 inches long. The boot is 2 inches longer than the sneaker. The sandal is 1 inch shorter than the sneaker. Which orders the lengths of the shoes from shortest to longest?
  1. sneaker, boot, sandal
  2. sandal, sneaker, boot
  3. boot, sandal, sneaker
Which shape follows the rule below?

RULE: has more than 4 sides
  1. Rectangle - Color
  2. Pentagon - Color
Skylar has 4 of the shape pieces shown.
Circle - Quarter 2 - Color
Which shape could Skylar make with the 4 shape pieces?
  1. circle
  2. square
  3. triangle

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