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MS Publisher (Grade 8)

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MS Publisher

Instructions: The following questions will test your basic knowledge of Microsoft Publisher. Good luck!

Which of the following are not created in MS Publisher?
  1. Flyers
  2. Brochures
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Business Cards
Graphics are
  1. small squares that appear for shortcuts.
  2. printouts that are taller than they are wide
  3. images or things that are visual on your work.
  4. sounds and things that you can hear on your work.
Large text above some information, graphics or text is known as which of the following?
  1. audio
  2. heading
  3. settings
  4. header
What is the name given to the text that generally describes what the whole brochure is about? It is generally in a larger font.
  1. Title
  2. Save
  3. Tabs
  4. Redo
A footer is
  1. large text placed above some information.
  2. all the instructions located below the ribbon.
  3. an area at the top in where you can enter a date or other info that represents each page.
  4. an area at the bottom in where you can enter a date or other information that repeats for each page.
On the outside of a tri-fold brochure, you will find
  1. the inside pages.
  2. the outside pages.
  3. the first page of a brochure.
  4. the inside flap, back cover and front cover.
Publisher provides templates.
  1. True
  2. False
What is the name of a collection of information organized in cells in a grid of columns and rows?
  1. Table
  2. Text box
  3. Bulleted list
  4. Numbered list
Which function in Publisher allows the user to copy text formats from one area to another consistently?
  1. Cut
  2. Copy
  3. Format Copy
  4. Format Painter
After a table is created, additional rows or columns may be added to the table using the commands in which Ribbon?
  1. Design
  2. Layout
  3. Insert
  4. View
The Spelling command in Publisher will indicate possible misspellings by a placing which of the following under the word?
  1. Green dashed line
  2. Blue outline
  3. Yellow dotted line
  4. Wavy red line
When arranging objects in a publication, you can use the which of the following commands to bring an object closer to the front so that it is hidden behind fewer objects?
  1. Bring to Front
  2. Bring Forward
  3. Send to Back
  4. Send Backward
Which pane in Microsoft Publisher 2010 enables the user to see all pages of a multipage publication?
  1. Page List
  2. Next Page
  3. Multiple Page
  4. Page Navigation
The color scheme of a publication may be altered using the commands on which Ribbon?
  1. Home
  2. Page Layout
  3. Format
  4. Page Design
What is the name given to clip art, text boxes, tables, building blocks, and shapes in Microsoft Publisher 2010?
  1. Parts
  2. Pieces
  3. Articles
  4. Objects
Publication templates may be changed using which of the following commands on the Page Design Ribbon?
  1. Modify
  2. New Template
  3. Alter Template
  4. Change Template
What is the Microsoft Office Program used to create professional looking publications?
  1. MS Word
  2. MS Excel
  3. MS Access
  4. MS Publisher
The blue dotted border in a publication represents the
  1. border.
  2. frame.
  3. margin.
  4. design.
Which of the following is used to insert text or content into your publication?
  1. select object
  2. insert table
  3. copy
  4. text box
Microsoft Publisher is a
  1. desktop publishing app.
  2. word processing app.
  3. spreadsheet app.
  4. data management app.
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