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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 7-8 (Grade 3)

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Mr. Popper's Penguins: Chapters 7-8


Read Chapters 7 and 8 of Mr. Popper's Penguins and answer the questions.

How did Captain Cook help Mrs. Popper?
  1. by cooking dinner
  2. by picking up the house
  3. by entertaining the children
  4. by getting Mr. Popper to find a job
What did Captain Cook do more often during this chapter?
  1. made a lot of noise
  2. begged to go outside
  3. went in and out of the icebox
  4. pecked at Mr. Popper's clothing
What did Captain Cook make in the icebox?
  1. a mess
  2. a rookery
  3. a bed to sleep in
  4. a present for Mrs. Popper
How did Mr. Popper's look change in this chapter?
  1. He dyed his hair.
  2. He started to dress nicely.
  3. He wore only black and white.
  4. He stayed in his pajamas all day.
Why did Mr. Popper ask for clothesline?
  1. to hang some clothes
  2. to tie the freezer door shut
  3. to take Captain Cook for a walk
  4. to wear as a belt with his tuxedo
How did Captain Cook get down the steps?
  1. He walked down them.
  2. He hopped down them.
  3. He refused to go down them.
  4. He slid down them on his belly.
How did Mrs. Callahan feel about the penguin?
  1. She was afraid of it.
  2. She thought it was cute.
  3. She wanted one of her own.
  4. She thought Mr. Popper was crazy.
What did Captain Cook think was in the window of the pharmacy?
  1. fish
  2. snow
  3. a penguin
  4. a polar bear
The photographer thought Captain Cook was a                .
  1. crow
  2. robin
  3. robot
  4. pelican
What happened when they tried to get Captain Cook to pose for a picture?
  1. He got all tangled up.
  2. He ran down the street.
  3. He started to flap his wings.
  4. He smiled brightly for the camera.
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