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Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story (Grade 3)

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Seven Spools of Thread: A Kwanzaa Story

Where does the story take place?
  1. Ghana
  2. Georgia
  3. America
  4. Australia
Why were the boys a disappointment to their father?
  1. They were not happy.
  2. They argued all the time.
  3. They were not very strong.
  4. They wanted to move away.
The brothers' father died. After he died, what did they argue about?
  1. why their father died
  2. who killed their father
  3. who would get the inheritance
  4. who loved their father the most
In order to get their inheritance, the brothers had to
  1. fight one another.
  2. find where it was hidden.
  3. make peace with the king.
  4. make gold out of spools of thread.
The colors of the spools of thread represented
  1. the colors of Kwanzaa.
  2. the traits of the brothers.
  3. the food the brothers liked.
  4. the brothers' favorite colors.
What happened when the brothers got the thread?
  1. They yelled at the king.
  2. They started fighting again.
  3. They threw it on the ground.
  4. They came together as a family.
What did the brothers do with the thread?
  1. They sold it.
  2. They tangled it up.
  3. They made a colorful cloth.
  4. They threw it at one another.
The brothers sold the cloth and were rich, but one brother was not happy. Why not?
  1. He missed his father.
  2. He didn't have enough money.
  3. He was worried about the poor.
  4. He knew the man paid too much.
What did the brothers teach the people?
  1. how to plant crops
  2. how to work together
  3. how to argue all the time
  4. how to weave the thread
In which way did the brothers change the most during the story?
  1. They became wealthy.
  2. They lost both parents.
  3. They learned to get along.
  4. They became popular in the village.
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