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Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa (Grade 2)

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Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa

Why wasn't Li'l Rabbit allowed to help with Kwanzaa activities?
  1. He was too little.
  2. He was too bossy.
  3. He was too messy.
Li'l Rabbit decided to bring a                 to Granna Rabbit.
  1. book
  2. treat
  3. candle
What was wrong with Granna Rabbit?
  1. She was sick.
  2. She was busy.
  3. She was lonely.
Which word does NOT describe Granna Rabbit?
  1. kind
  2. angry
  3. helpful
Li'l Rabbit met a bunch of animals. All of the animals
  1. shooed Li'l Rabbit away.
  2. wanted to help Granna Rabbit.
  3. wished him a Happy Kwanzaa.
Li'l Rabbit went home. What did he find when he got there?
  1. Everyone was there.
  2. Granna Rabbit was still sick.
  3. His brother had opened his gifts.
What word did Granna Rabbit teach everyone?
  1. Asouee
  2. Mercifully
  3. Harambee
At the end of the party, Li'l Rabbit was sad. Why was Li'l Rabbit sad?
  1. His friends didn't come.
  2. Granna Rabbit was still sick.
  3. He didn't bring anything to the party.
How did Li'l Rabbit help with the party?
  1. He shared his dream.
  2. He sang a special song.
  3. He gave everyone a big hug.
How did Li'l Rabbit feel at the end of the story?
  1. little
  2. proud
  3. tired
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