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Geometry Word Problems

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Geometry Word Problems Answer Key

Stop signs are constructed in the shape of regular octagons. Which of the following angles are at the vertices of a regular octagon?
  1. Acute
  2. Obtuse
  3. Right
  4. Straight
What is the perimeter of a parallelogram with sides of 17 inches and 21 inches?
  1. 4 inches
  2. 38 inches
  3. 76 inches
  4. 357 inches
The front of the door to Randy's classroom is a rectangle with an area of 2,688 square inches. If the width of the front door is 32 inches, what should be the measure of the height?
  1. 640 inches
  2. 116 inches
  3. 84 inches
  4. 42 inches
Regan rode her bicycle west on Elm Street and made a 75-degree turn on Main Street. What kind of angle represents the [math]75deg[/math] turn Regan made at Main Street?
  1. Straight
  2. Right
  3. Obtuse
  4. Acute
Larry designed a garden so that it had 7 equal sides. Which figure has exactly 7 sides of equal length?
  1. A regular heptagon
  2. A regular pentagon
  3. A regular nonagon
  4. A regular decagon
Gina drew a picture of a swimming pool. The swimming pool had five sides. Which is the shape of the swimming pool she drew?
  1. Pentagon
  2. Parallelogram
  3. Trapezoid
  4. Hexagon
Alan drew several three-dimensional figures. Which of the following figures has exactly 5 faces and 5 vertices?
  1. Triangular pyramid
  2. Triangular prism
  3. Rectangular pyramid
  4. Rectangular prism
Harry cut a piece of cardboard into different-shaped pieces. One of the pieces had exactly 2 sets of parallel sides and 4 congruent angles. Which could be one of the pieces Harry cut?
  1. Trapezoid
  2. Triangle
  3. Square
  4. Pentagon
Tom has a figure with exactly one rectangular base. Which of the following could be the shape of Tom's figure?
  1. Triangular prism
  2. Rectangular prism
  3. Triangular pyramid
  4. Rectangular pyramid
Anna made a sign with exactly one set of parallel sides and exactly one set of congruent sides. Which could be the shape of the sign?
  1. Isosceles trapezoid
  2. Isosceles triangle
  3. Regular quadrilateral
  4. Regular triangle
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