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Category: Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Level: Grade 11
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Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles Question

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Grade 11 Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles

Write the letter (A - V) of the bone that corresponds with the listed bones of the skeletal system.

Tarsals      T     

Scapula      D     

Tibia      S     

Vertebral column      H     

Patella      Q     

Skull/Cranium      A     

Humerus      F     

Femur      P     

Sacrum      J     

Sternum      E     

Metacarpals      N     

Pelvic girdle/Coxal      I     

Radius      K     

Mandible      B     

Phalanges      O      &      V     

Ribs      G     

Carpals      M     

Metatarsals      U     

Ulna      L     

Clavicle      C     

Fibula      R     
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