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Type: Fill-In-The-Blank
Category: US Government
Level: Grade 4
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Grade 4 US Government

In the following blanks, write R for Representatives, S for Senators, and P for President.

     S      Must be 30 years old, US Citizen for 9 years and live in the state they represent.

     S      Term = 6 years.

     R      Term = 2 years

     P      Term = 4 years

     R      Writes and introduces bills that tax the people.

     P      Is elected by the electoral college.

     R      Must be 25 years old, been in the US 7 years, be a resident in the state they represent.

     R      Can impeach a government official with a crime.

     S      Conducts impeachment trial.

     P      Must be 35 years old, A us citizen by BIRTH and a resident for 14 years.

     R      Are elected based on Population.

     S      The U.S. vice president serves as president of this group but only votes to break a tie.

     P      Must carry out laws passed by congress.

     S      Each state has two of these.
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