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Category: Circulatory and Immune Systems
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Circulatory and Immune Systems Question

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College Circulatory and Immune Systems

Would you expect the RBCs of a blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) to look more like the typical mammalian RBC, or would you expect differences like those seen in the even-toed ungulates (camels etc.)? Why?
  1. Typical - There's no particular reason a blue whale would look different from the typical mammal
  2. Different - They should have RBCs with nuclei and organelles like fish RBCs, since they are also aquatic and breathe water.
  3. Different - They should have much larger RBCs, since RBC size scales with body size.
  4. Different - They might look more like an ungulate's RBCs since they are closely related species (Super Order: Cetartiodactyl).
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