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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Absolutism Questions

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Grade 11 Absolutism
Why did the English want to rebel against King James before the Glorious Revolution?
  1. He wanted to make England a Protestant country
  2. He wanted to make England a Catholic country
  3. He wanted to get rid of Parliament
  4. He wanted to take away the rights of the English people
Grade 11 Absolutism
What was the main failure of the enlightened despots during their era?
  1. Failing to improve the life of the wealthy
  2. Failing to improve the life of peasants
  3. Creating less warfare
Grade 11 Absolutism
What was NOT a reform approved by enlightened despots?
  1. Reduced Torture
  2. Religious Toleration
  3. Advanced Weaponry
Grade 11 Absolutism
Ivan the 4th Was also known as what?
  1. The Bald
  2. The Mongol
  3. The Great
  4. The Terrible
Grade 11 Absolutism
  1. step into power
  2. control power
  3. step down from power
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