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College Anatomical Organization Questions

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College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
Which of the following is not a body system?
  1. Circulatory System
  2. Digestive System
  3. Nervous System
  4. Vision System
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
The                  plane divides the body into right and left sides.
  1. Sagittal plane
  2. Coronal plane
  3. Supine plane
  4. Transverse plane
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
The knees are                 to the head.
  1. posterior
  2. anterior
  3. superior
  4. inferior
College Anatomical Organization
The arms are                 to the nose.
  1. medial
  2. proximal
  3. superficial
  4. lateral
College Anatomical Organization
The directional term proximal means                                                                     .
  1. lying horizontal on the back with the face up
  2. nearest to the center of the body or point of attachment
  3. dividing the body vertically into equal right and left portions
  4. farthest from the center of the body, origin, or point of attachment
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
College Anatomical Organization
A person in anatomical position will exhibit ALL of the following EXCEPT                                              .
  1. Standing erect
  2. Facing observer
  3. Feet flat on floor
  4. Arms at sides
  5. Palms against the lateral sides of the thighs
College Anatomical Organization
Tissues are composed of cells, and tissues functioning together make up...
  1. organs
  2. membranes
  3. organ systems
  4. organelles
  5. organisms
College Anatomical Organization
Which of the following is a correct sequence of levels in life's hierarchy, proceeding downward from an individual animal?
  1. organism, brain, organ system, nerve cell
  2. organ system, nervous tissue, brain, nerve cell
  3. organism, organ system, tissue, cell, organ
  4. nervous system, brain, nervous tissue, nerve cell
College Anatomical Organization
transports blood throughout the body                     circulatory system                     
lymph vessels and nodes that carry a clear fluid called lymph                   lymphatic system                   
brings food into the body and breaks it down so that it can enter the bloodstream                   digestive system                   
composed of glands, sends chemical messengers called hormones into the blood to act on other glands and nodes                   endocrine system                   
produce the cells (eggs and sperm) that join to form the embryo                                       female and male reproductive systems                                       
muscles,bones, joints, and connective tissues that support the body and allow it to move                         musculoskeletal system                         
carries electrical messages to and from the brain and spinal cord                 nervous system                 
controls breathing a process by which air enters and leaves the body                     respiratory system                     
including the skin and eyes and ears receives messages from the environment and sends them to the brain                               skin and sense organ systems                                    
produces urine and sends it out of the body through the kidneys,ureters,bladder and urethra                  urinary systems                  
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