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College Animal Husbandry Questions

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College Animal Husbandry
Most of the livestock grown in North America are
  1. confined in concentric associations feeding operations (CAFOs)
  2. held in pasture year-round
  3. kept in pastures during the day and barns at night
  4. kept in pastures during the summer and barns during the winter
  5. confined in concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs)
College Animal Husbandry
What does rotational grazing allow grazing livestock to do?
  1. use the most fertile pastures continuously
  2. use a small area for a short time
  3. produce more young animals with less range
  4. depend more on domestic pastures
  5. use only the most nutritious plants in a pasture
College Animal Husbandry
Cows require a high quantity of feed because they
  1. are genetically modified organisms
  2. can feed more people than pigs
  3. are raised on feedlots
  4. take time to grow and have a low energy conversion efficiency
  5. are the best source of high quality protein
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