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Astronomy Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 Inner Planets
Mars is the                 planet from the Sun.
  1. second nearest
  2. third nearest
  3. fourth nearest
  4. nearest
Grade 7 Planetary Motion
Day and night are caused by                                  .
  1. the tilt of Earth's axis
  2. Earth's revolution around the Sun
  3. eclipses
  4. Earth's rotation on its axis
Grade 8 Outer Planets
Saturn's rings are made up mostly of                        .
  1. volcanic dust particles
  2. nitrogen and helium
  3. chunks of ice and rock
  4. ice and water vapor
Grade 7 Planetary Motion
When does an equinox occur?
  1. neither hemisphere is tilted toward or away from the Sun.
  2. the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun.
  3. the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun.
  4. Earth's axis is parallel to the Sun's rays.
Grade 7 Planetary Motion
What must happen for a solar eclipse to occur?
  1. the Sun must be directly between Earth and the Moon.
  2. the Moon must be directly between Earth and the Sun.
  3. the Moon must be directly behind Earth.
  4. Earth must be directly between the Sun and the Moon.
Grade 6 The Moon
What is the correct alignment during a lunar eclipse?
  1. Sun, Moon, Earth
  2. Moon, Sun, Earth
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon
  4. Earth, Sun, Moon
Grade 7 Planetary Motion
Grade 1 Sun
Grade 5 The Moon
Grade 5 Planetary Motion
Grade 2 Sun
Grade 5 Planetary Motion
Grade 7 Planetary Motion
The position of the axis on Earth is important for what reason?
  1. night and day
  2. length of a year
  3. seasons
  4. position in the solar system
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