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First Grade (Grade 1) Atmosphere Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 1 Atmosphere questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 1 Atmosphere
Moving air is called                .
  1. wind
  2. rain
  3. sunshine
Grade 1 Atmosphere
When water in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail falls it is called                .
  1. sunny
  2. precipitation
  3. ocean
  4. evaporation
Grade 1 Atmosphere
What is another name for fall?
  1. spring
  2. winter
  3. autumn
Grade 1 Atmosphere
What is wind?
  1. Moving air
  2. Heat rising from the ground
  3. Loud sounds in the sky
Grade 1 Atmosphere
How many seasons are there in a year in most places?
  1. 7
  2. 15
  3. 4
  4. 12
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Where is air?
  1. Air is only outside.
  2. Air is everywhere.
  3. Air is mainly in balloons.
Grade 1 Atmosphere
What happens when a cloud gets too heavy with water?
  1. Evaporation
  2. Condensation
  3. Precipitation
Grade 1 Atmosphere
In what season does snow usually fall?
  1. Fall
  2. Summer
  3. Spring
  4. Winter
Grade 1 Atmosphere
                is air that moves.
  1. Water
  2. Wind
  3. A ramp
Grade 1 Atmosphere
What are the three main forms of clouds?
  1. Cumulus, Feathery, Thin
  2. Heavy, Puffy, Stratus
  3. Cumulus, Stratus, Cirrus
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Earth experiences seasons because it is
  1. tilted on its axis.
  2. orbits around the Sun.
  3. the biggest planet in the solar system.
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Which type of weather has strong winds that spin in a circle and create a funnel shape?
  1. Thunderstorm
  2. Blizzard
  3. Tornado
  4. Flood
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Cumulus, stratus and cirrus are all types of                .
  1. rocks
  2. planets
  3. clouds
Grade 1 Atmosphere
It tends to rain a lot when it is                .
  1. spring
  2. summer
  3. fall
  4. winter
Grade 1 Atmosphere
The seasons change because
  1. Earth tilts on its axis.
  2. the Sun is shining.
  3. they want to change.
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Which is the hottest season of the year?
  1. Winter
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Spring
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Leaves start to change color during which season?
  1. Spring
  2. Winter
  3. Fall
  4. Summer
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Weather always
  1. is changing.
  2. stays the same.
  3. never happens.
Grade 1 Atmosphere
Adam tells his teacher that it is partly cloudy outside. This means that he sees
  1. a clear blue sky.
  2. a cloud covered sky.
  3. the Sun and a few clouds.
Grade 1 Atmosphere
During what season would you put on a snowsuit and go snow sledding?
  1. fall
  2. winter
  3. summer
  4. spring
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