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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Authors Questions

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Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Poe began his writing career as
  1. an editor of a famous foreign newspaper
  2. a beat reporter for a military newspaper
  3. a poet
  4. a and b
  5. all the above
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
What word does the raven say whenever he speaks?
  1. quoth
  2. prophet
  3. nevermore
  4. Lenore
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
How did the raven get into the house?
  1. he stepped in the window
  2. he came in the chimney
  3. he flew in the door
  4. he was already in the house
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
What happens when the author opens the door?
  1. the raven flies in
  2. he screams
  3. he only finds darkness
  4. he sees Lenore standing outside
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Where does the raven perch when he comes into the house?
  1. the door frame
  2. the mantle above the fireplace
  3. a bust of pallas
  4. on the chair
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Grade 9 William Shakespeare
What was Shakespeare's first name?
  1. Harry
  2. William
  3. George
  4. Russell
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
The mix Poe used to create his stories (using Holt edition bio):
  1. Gothic tales, psychological insights, news stories
  2. news stories, myths, poetry, songs
  3. magic, Gothic tales, psychological insights
  4. dreams, myths, news stories
  5. all the above
  6. none of the above
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
Poe was widely known as a                                during his lifetime.
  1. fearless literary critic
  2. successful owner of a magazine
  3. newspaper editor
Grade 9 Emily Dickinson

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The theme of the poem is:
  1. Hope flies away and leaves us alone.
  2. Hope sings, waits patiently and never asks for anything from us.
  3. Birds are everywhere, you can't escape them.
  4. Birds hurt people by attacking them during a storm.
Grade 9 Edgar Allen Poe
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