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Grade 7

Baseball in April - Young Adult Literature - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Seventh Grade (Grade 7)

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Grade 7 Baseball in April
The boys stayed with Uncle Ricardo, who was:
  1. a traveling basketball referee
  2. a neighborhood handyman
  3. a sound engineer for a record company
  4. a famous actor and singer
Grade 7 Baseball in April
After helping Aunt Teresa and her friends                                  , the boys went to the Santa Monica beach.
  1. paint a mural on the library wall
  2. cook a meal for the homeless
  3. clean up the neighborhood
  4. clean and wax their cars
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When they saw the crowd of people, the boys discovered:
  1. there was a gang shooting
  2. the bank had been robbed
  3. a Spanish Band-Aid commercial was being shot
  4. Chuck Norris was signing autographs
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While Hector and Mando were pretending to be wax statues on a platform:
  1. a young boy kicked Hector on his leg
  2. a baby wiped his sticky fingers on Mando's pants
  3. a baby spit up on Mando's shoulder
  4. a young girl kissed Mando on the cheek
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Hector and Mando decided to go on a bicycle trip to the Santa Monica beach after:
  1. a group of bicyclists passed by
  2. a tourist bus drove by
  3. they saw children playing in the water
  4. they saw a car with a surfboard on it
Grade 7 Baseball in April
At the barbecue, Hector decided to:
  1. have everyone paint faces on the mural
  2. ask Sarah to go to the dance
  3. sing the song he wrote about the trip
  4. videotape the event and make a movie
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While the boys rested at the graveyard:
  1. Hector told a scary story about chicken feet
  2. they heard a low moan at the caretaker's
  3. they discovered a gold watch under a rock
  4. Mando found his grandfather's tombstone
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While eating supper, Sarah told the boys that she didn't like her father because he:
  1. was mean and yelled a lot
  2. was always telling her what to do
  3. wouldn't let her go anywhere by herself
  4. didn't have time for her
Grade 7 Baseball in April
This book was written by:
  1. Kristiana Gregory
  2. Gary Soto
  3. Sherry Garland
  4. Robert Cormier
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When they returned home, the boys:
  1. made a rack to hang up their bikes
  2. painted a mural of their trip
  3. hung up souvenirs from their trip on the wall
  4. converted the shed into a club meeting room
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Uncle Ricardo took the boys to Dodger Stadium for a ball game with tickets he:
  1. had received for Christmas
  2. found on the subway
  3. traded some records and CDs for
  4. stole from the ticket office
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Hector's mother knew Hector was at the baseball game because:
  1. a neighbor called with the news
  2. she heard his name on the radio
  3. she saw him on TV
  4. a newspaper reporter called her
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While attending a church bingo game, Mando's Aunt Claudia won:
  1. a new refrigerator with an ice maker
  2. a new bicycle for Puppet
  3. a new television for her family
  4. a fur coat and matching gloves
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When Hector beat her at Ping-Pong, Sarah:
  1. told him he cheated during the game
  2. told him he had played a good game
  3. challenged him to another game
  4. began to cry and went into the house
Grade 7 Baseball in April
After getting hit by Pete the Heat, why does Gilbert stay on the ground with his eyes closed?
  1. he has something in his eye
  2. Gilbert is embarrassed about getting beat up
  3. he is hoping Patricia would help him up
  4. he is knocked out
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Because he was the millionth attendee at the baseball stadium, Hector and the others were treated to:
  1. a special dinner after the game
  2. visits to each dugout
  3. a ride in a limousine
  4. luxury box seating during the game
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When the boys reached Aunt Teresa's, she took them to:
  1. a roller-skating rink
  2. a new movie opening
  3. a Spanish fiesta
  4. a gallery's art show
Grade 7 Baseball in April
Baseball in April is a work of...
  1. science fiction
  2. fantasy
  3. tall tales
  4. fiction
Grade 7 Baseball in April
When Sarah took the boys to a paint-ball war, Uncle Isaac:
  1. refused to drive them to the area
  2. watched the war from the sideline
  3. was the fourth member of the team
  4. told them to be careful and have fun
Grade 7 Baseball in April
While at the Santa Monica beach, the boys discovered:
  1. a wallet with 25 dollars in it
  2. Puppet and his gang surfing on the beach
  3. Sarah and Uncle Isaac waiting for them
  4. an abandoned boat with oars
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