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Grade 8

Ben Hur - Historical Fiction - Questions for Tests and Worksheets - Eighth Grade (Grade 8)

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Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur lacks his mother's unquestioning faith in the Nazarene because he...
  1. does not see the miracle with his own eyes.
  2. does not realize his mother and sister have been leprous.
  3. is waiting for the Nazarene to prove Himself as a leader of the Jewish people
  4. knows the Nazarene is soon to die.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Simonides' address of Ben-Hur as "Son of Hur" confirms that...
  1. Ben-Hur is truly a Roman prince.
  2. Simonides now recognizes Ben-Hur as master.
  3. Ben-Hur has successfully avenged Simonides.
  4. Simonides believes Judah Ben-Hur is a lesser man than Ithamar Hur.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
The statement which best expresses Messala's philosophy is...
  1. "All things, even heaven and earth, change; but a Jew never!"
  2. "If we are to remain friends you must see the world as it truly is."
  3. "Eros is dead, Mars reigns!"
  4. "You now have the whole family."
Grade 8 Ben Hur
The village youth who gives Ben-Hur the drink of water is...
  1. a former galley slave.
  2. a Roman soldier.
  3. Jesus of Nazareth.
  4. a relative of the Ben-Hur family.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
According to the novel, what occurs immediately after Christ says, "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit"?
  1. Darkness falls.
  2. The veil in the temple is torn.
  3. The high priest repents.
  4. An earthquake occurs.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur desires to be known only as the son of Arrius because he...
  1. has renounced his Jewish heritage.
  2. cannot remember his former life.
  3. does not want his family to find him.
  4. is still not safe from the threat of the Roman government.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Simonides presents Ben-Hur with...
  1. a commendation for bravery.
  2. his daughter's hand in marriage.
  3. a key to the city.
  4. the fortunes of the Hur family.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Amrah is...
  1. Simonides' daughter.
  2. Ben-Hur's sister.
  3. the daughter of Arrius.
  4. a slave.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Grade 8 Ben Hur
All of the following draw attention to the personal contest between Messala and Ben-Hur except...
  1. the contrasting colors of the ribbons of Messala and Ben-Hur
  2. the program listing the competitors' names
  3. the whiplash given Ben-Hur's steeds by Messala
  4. the absence of Simonides and Esther from the race
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Many of Jesus' followers expect Him to establish a...
  1. school in Jerusalem.
  2. church in Rome.
  3. kingdom of His own.
  4. new political party.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur's father was a...
  1. sailor.
  2. soldier.
  3. merchant.
  4. horse trainer.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur throws Arrius's ring into the waves...
  1. to spite his Roman captor.
  2. to insure his freedom.
  3. because he does not understand its value.
  4. to free himself of a hateful obligation.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur's chief reason for seeking out Simonides is to...
  1. recover the lost fortunes of the Hur family.
  2. discover any information he can about his family's whereabouts.
  3. pay Simonides for his physical suffering and his loyalty.
  4. obtain the written legal proofs of his own identity.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Ben-Hur learns of the existence of Simonides from...
  1. Sheik Ilderim.
  2. Malluch, a merchant of Antioch.
  3. a fellow passenger to Antioch.
  4. Esther, Simonides' daughter.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
What causes Ben-Hur to leap ahead on the home stretch of the race?
  1. Ben-Hur gives his Arab steeds full rein and cracks a whip over their backs.
  2. Ben-Hur pushes up against Messala's chariot to distract Messala.
  3. Ben-Hur glances up at Esther at the east end of the track.
  4. Ben-Hur gives his steeds one swift lash of the whip.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
The most important quality shared by Ben-Hur, his mother, and Amrah is...
  1. determination.
  2. concern for each other.
  3. perseverance.
  4. cleverness.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
When Tirzah and her mother see Ben-Hur in the moonlight, they:
  1. run away quickly out of fear of infecting him.
  2. wake him and embrace him warmly.
  3. speak to him from far off.
  4. gaze at him and then move away into the shadows.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
After he has completed his training as a soldier in Rome, Ben-Hur...
  1. sets out to travel the world.
  2. sets out to avenge Arrius.
  3. becomes a merchant.
  4. becomes a military commander.
Grade 8 Ben Hur
Simonides demands...
  1. proof of Ben-Hur's identity.
  2. money and gifts from Ben-Hur.
  3. that Ben-Hur marry his daughter.
  4. that Ben-Hur avenge him.
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