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None Biology Questions

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None Microbiology
None Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
In the digestive system, the intestines                           .
  1. help you work out
  2. help you breathe
  3. absorb nutrients from food
  4. work hard for the money
None Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
None Evolution
Which term refers to how humans have decided which traits they want to pass down in organisms?
  1. Artificial Selection
  2. Natural Selection
  3. Natural Variation
  4. none of the above
  5. All of the above
None Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
Smooth muscles, cardiac muscle, and skeletal muscles are a part of which organ system?
  1. Skeletal System
  2. Endoctrine System
  3. Muscular System
  4. Nervous System
None Evolution
None Botany
In stems, xylem                                                             .
  1. conducts carbohydrates in both directions.
  2. stores nurtients.
  3. is the site of photosynthesis
  4. transports water and dissoved minerals upward to the leaves.
None Circulatory and Immune Systems
Which system pumps your blood throughout your body?
  1. Skeletal System
  2. Urinary System
  3. Respiratory System
  4. Circulatory System
None Microbiology
Bacteria reproduce asexually by                .
  1. binary fission.
  2. spores.
  3. conjugation.
  4. fixation.
None Nervous and Endocrine Systems
Which system is in control over your entire body?
  1. Nervous System
  2. Urinary System
  3. Endoctrine System
  4. Skeletal System
None Skin, Skeleton, and Muscles
What are the two bones in the lower arm called?
  1. Radius and Ulna
  2. Tibia and Fibula
  3. Femur and Humerus
None Macromolecules
An enzyme speeds up a reaction by                                
  1. lowering the activation energy.
  2. raising the activation energy.
  3. releasing energy.
  4. absorbing energy.
None Botany
A rose is an example of a(n)                   .
  1. nonvascular plant.
  2. gymnosperm.
  3. angiosperm.
  4. monocot.
None Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
None Respiration, Digestion, and Excretion
None Cell Structure and Function
None DNA, RNA, and Genetics
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