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College Biomes Questions

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College Biomes
What is the average precipitation of desert biomes?
  1. less than 250mm per year
  2. 250mm per year
  3. 500mm per year
  4. more than 500 mm per year
College Biomes
The biosphere is                                                                                      .
  1. the layer where are all living organisms are found
  2. the gaseous layer that surrounds the earth
  3. the study of the patterns and relationships found in the biotic or living environment
  4. the interrelationships found in the living environment
College Biomes
Desert biomes may occur as high as?
  1. 250 mm per year
  2. 300 mm per year
  3. 600 mm per year
  4. 500 mm per year
College Biomes
Examples of lower latitude biomes are                               .
  1. tundra and boreal forest
  2. temperate and deciduous forest
  3. tropical rainforests
  4. none of these
  5. all of these
College Biomes
Temperate grasslands are unique because                                                     .
  1. of their seasonality
  2. the majority of their biomass is beneath the surface
  3. the majority of their biomass is above the surface
  4. they are influenced by Hadley cell circulation
College Biomes
The biosphere is                                                                    .
  1. approximately 9.5 miles
  2. from the tops of the Himalayas to the bottom of the Marianas Trench
  3. no thicker than the skin of an apple, relatively speaking
  4. all of these
  5. only a and c
College Biomes
College Biomes
College Biomes
Savannas are unique because                                             .
  1. they have two coexistent types of vegetation
  2. they experience Hadley cell circulation
  3. are characterized by their seasonality
  4. none of these
  5. all of these
College Biomes
Which of the following is not true near the bottom of streams?
  1. velocity increases
  2. velocity slows
  3. turbulent less
College Biomes
Movement of water in many directions is called                   .
  1. Laminar flow
  2. Brownian movement
  3. Turbulent flow
  4. molecular movement
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