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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Biomes Questions

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Grade 11 Biomes

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Which biome is located directly on the equator?
  1. savanna
  2. desert
  3. tropical rainforest
  4. deciduous forest
Grade 11 Biomes
The                 is the sphere inhabited by life.
  1. biosphere
  2. geosphere
  3. atmosphere
  4. hydrosphere
Grade 11 Biomes
Which biome has the lowest average annual temperature of these biomes?
  1. rain forest
  2. grassland
  3. coniferous forest
  4. tundra
Grade 11 Biomes
Which biome has the largest diversity of life?
  1. rain forest
  2. desert
  3. arctic
  4. grassland
  5. ocean
Grade 11 Biomes
Which biome is most likely to have animals with very large ears?
  1. savanna
  2. tropical rainforest
  3. temperate rainforest
  4. tundra
Grade 11 Biomes
Which describes a temperate deciduous forest?
  1. receives the least amount of precipitation
  2. mostly grassland with a few trees
  3. forest floor has high levels of light in early spring
  4. evergreen trees present
Grade 11 Biomes
Which animal lives on the tundra?
  1. tiger
  2. turtle
  3. polar bear
  4. lion
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 11 Biomes
Grade 11 Biomes
Which animal might be found living in a taiga?
  1. spotted owl
  2. kangaroo rat
  3. zebra
  4. moose
Grade 11 Biomes
What is the average temperature in the tundra?
  1. 27-73 degrees F
  2. -1-2 degrees F
  3. 14-22 degrees F
  4. 3-12 degrees F
Grade 11 Biomes
What two biomes have the most similar amounts of rainfall?
  1. rain forest and grassland
  2. tundra and taiga
  3. temperate deciduous and ocean
  4. tundra and desert
Grade 11 Biomes
Part of which state is located in the tundra?
  1. Alaska
  2. Illinois
  3. Texas
  4. Florida
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