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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Biomes Questions

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Grade 9 Biomes
The two biomes with the least amount of precipitation are                                .
  1. tundra and taiga.
  2. taiga and desert.
  3. desert and tundra.
  4. tundra and temperate grassland.
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome can be represented by the climograph below?
  1. Cold Desert
  2. Temperate Rainforest
  3. Boreal Forest
  4. Hot Desert
Grade 9 Biomes
An area with its own unique geography and climate is a
  1. biome.
  2. continent.
  3. latitude.
  4. mass.
Grade 9 Biomes
Which description is used to identify a biome?
  1. average precipitation and temperature
  2. characteristic community of organisms, particularly plants
  3. distance from the equator
  4. specific geographical location
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome experiences the least amount of annual precipitation?
  1. temperate grassland
  2. tropical dry forest
  3. desert
  4. temperate woodland and shrubland
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome has a layer of permafrost?
  1. desert
  2. prairie
  3. savanna
  4. tundra
Grade 9 Biomes
Which would NOT be considered an abiotic factor in the environment?
  1. plants, such as trees
  2. soil type
  3. water
  4. temperature
Grade 9 Biomes
A lack of water is a major limiting factor for
  1. deserts.
  2. forests.
  3. grasslands.
  4. tundra.
Grade 9 Biomes
Greenland is an example of a
  1. temperate desert.
  2. savanna.
  3. prairie.
  4. tundra.
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome is very cold, has permafrost, and has high-speed winds?
  1. desert
  2. temperate forest
  3. tundra
  4. tropical dry forest
Grade 9 Biomes
Which land biome tends to receive less than 10 inches (or 25 centimeters) of annual rainfall?
  1. tropical rain forest
  2. desert
  3. temperate rain forest
  4. grassland
Grade 9 Biomes
Which biome has grazing animals, like giraffes and zebras?
  1. temperate grassland
  2. savanna
  3. desert
  4. taiga
Grade 9 Biomes
Which ecosystem has the greatest diversity on Earth?
  1. deep-sea areas
  2. tropical rainforests
  3. coral reefs
  4. fisheries
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