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None Botany Questions

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None Botany
In stems, xylem                                                             .
  1. conducts carbohydrates in both directions.
  2. stores nurtients.
  3. is the site of photosynthesis
  4. transports water and dissoved minerals upward to the leaves.
None Botany
A rose is an example of a(n)                   .
  1. nonvascular plant.
  2. gymnosperm.
  3. angiosperm.
  4. monocot.
None Botany
All vascular plants                                        .
  1. produce seeds.
  2. take several years to reach maturity.
  3. have seeds that contain two cotyledons.
  4. possess conducting tissue.
None Botany
The mesophyll layer in a leaf                                                 .
  1. is protected from the sun.
  2. is the site of photosynthesis.
  3. controls water loss from a leaf.
  4. controls the opening and closing of the stomata.
None Botany
What do root hairs do?
  1. increase the surface area, allowing for more water absorption.
  2. store carbohydrates.
  3. are the sites where cells divide.
  4. grown only above ground.
None Botany
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