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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) Canada Questions

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Grade 6 Canada
What is Canada's legislature called?
  1. Justin Trudeau
  2. Constitution
  3. The Canadian Government
  4. Parliament
Grade 6 Canada
How does Canada's climate affect where its people live?
  1. Most Canadians live in the southern part of the country, where the weather is more moderate.
  2. Few Canadians live near the United States border, where the temperatures are too cold.
  3. Most Canadians live in rural areas, to take advantage of the country's good climate for agriculture.
  4. Most Canadians live along the Atlantic coast, where the climate is similar to the New England states.
Grade 6 Canada
Which language is mostly spoken in Quebec?
  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. German
Grade 6 Canada
In 1608, this French explorer sailed from France to present-day Canada.
  1. Jacques Cartier
  2. Samuel de Champlain
  3. Marquis de Lafayette
  4. Pierre Charles L'Enfant
Grade 6 Canada
Why is the Saint Lawrence River most important to Canadians?
  1. Because it creates hydroelectric power
  2. Because it links Canada's interior with the sea
  3. Because it offer a place for swimming and boating
  4. Because it makes areas near Hudson Bay wealthier
Grade 6 Canada
Who explored and colonized Canada?
  1. Native Americans
  2. Americans
  3. British and French
  4. Vikings
Grade 6 Canada
In what way has history affected Canada's government?
  1. It is model joint ring on and France's government.
  2. It abides by the laws featured in Britain's Constitution.
  3. It still has Britain's queen as its monarch.
  4. It follows the plan for government of the United States.
Grade 6 Canada
Which of the following supports the idea that Canada is a "cultural mosaic"?
  1. Canadians of British heritage often consider their culture the main culture of Canada.
  2. Canada encourages it's many ethnic groups to keep their traditions and languages.
  3. Canada created the territory of Nunavut for the Inuit people to govern.
  4. Canadians of French heritage often speak only French and practice French culture.
Grade 6 Canada
How is Canada's government different from that of the United States?
  1. It has separation between its branches.
  2. It is guided by a constitution.
  3. It is a constitutional monarchy.
  4. It is a representative democracy.
Grade 6 Canada
Where are Canada's two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, located?
  1. in the Appalachian region
  2. along the Atlantic coast
  3. in the St. Lawrence lowlands
  4. in the Canadian Cordillera
Grade 6 Canada
During its years as a Dominion, what was Canada's relationship with Britain?
  1. Britain give control to French Canadians, not British Canadians.
  2. Canada government itself, but Britain controlled Canada's foreign affairs.
  3. Canada was fully independent from Britain.
  4. Britain gave limited control to Canada but maintained control over major issues.
Grade 6 Canada
Which of the following is a fact about Multicultural Society in Canada?
  1. New immigrants are always adaptable to new ideas.
  2. Canada's cities are among the world's most diverse.
  3. Government should not be involved and cultural issues.
  4. Being like everyone else is better than diversity.
Grade 6 Canada
Which sentence best explains the lasting effects of the fur trade?
  1. Trading Post for successful north of New France.
  2. Canada became a diverse country.
  3. Upper and Lower Canada were Unified.
  4. France established a colony at present day Quebec.
Grade 6 Canada
How did Canada's participation in World War 2 affect its economy?
  1. Its economy suffered.
  2. Its economy became more diversified.
  3. Its economy became dependent on agriculture.
  4. Its economy had widespread unemployment.
Grade 6 Canada
Which of the following is an effect of immigration in Canada in the early 1900s?
  1. Canada had 5 new provinces and its land stretch to the Pacific coast.
  2. Canada welcomes immigrant farmers, which led to improved agricultural methods.
  3. Canada's economy grew and it became more diverse.
  4. Canada established itself as a world leader.
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