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Tenth Grade (Grade 10) China Questions

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Grade 10 China
What statement about the Great Wall is true?
  1. It kept invaders out of China
  2. It proved China's resources could be mobilized
  3. It caused the downfall of the Qin dynasty
  4. It led to Wudi's policy of expansionism
Grade 10 China
Under Wudi, government posts were awarded on the basis of
  1. examinations.
  2. loyalty.
  3. wealth.
  4. military service.
Grade 10 China
Grade 10 China
To manage their large empire, the Tang rulers needed to restore China's vast bureaucracy. How did they do this?
  1. split the empire into four khanates
  2. hired many samurai to enforce tough laws
  3. revived and expanded the civil service examination system
  4. encouraged the development of feudalism
Grade 10 China
Legalist ideas, the building of roads, and standards of currency, weight, and law all were part of
  1. the decline of the Qin Dynasty
  2. the rise of political opposition
  3. Confucian thought
  4. the program of centralization in China
Grade 10 China
                was the first Tang emperor.
  1. Yuan Song
  2. Chang Jiang
  3. Li Bo
  4. Tang Tainzong
Grade 10 China
What did Emperor Wudi contribute to the Han dynasty?
  1. law codes
  2. poetry
  3. a postal service
  4. a civil service
Grade 10 China
Grade 10 China
Which of the following is a true statement about society in Quing China?
  1. Women could legally inherit property
  2. The family was more important than the individual.
Grade 10 China
                is an artistic form of writing.
  1. Lithography
  2. Cartography
  3. Cryptography
  4. Calligraphy
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