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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) China Questions

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Grade 9 China
According to archaeologists, why did Qin Shihuangdi create the terra-cotta figures?
  1. He was a great patron of the arts.
  2. He was creating an army to protect him in the afterlife.
  3. He was trying to frighten away his political rivals.
  4. He wanted to symbolized how he had unified many individual Chinese states into one empire.
Grade 9 China
Grade 9 China
When did the Zhou dynasty end?
  1. 234 BC
  2. 345 BC
  3. 284 BC
  4. 256 BC
Grade 9 China
Grade 9 China
Why did books become more readily available after A.D. 105?
  1. the Chinese government encouraged reading
  2. silk was more plentiful
  3. paper was invented
  4. Chinese people don't like kindles
Grade 9 China
Why did the Chinese government compete with private mills in the production of silk?
  1. Silk was for royalty
  2. Silk got rid of silkworms
  3. Silk was very profitable
  4. Silk rhymes with milk
Grade 9 China
What was the main disadvantage of the Chinese writing system?
  1. no pencils were readily available
  2. the large number of characters to be memorized
  3. the characters kept changing over time
  4. shortage of paper
Grade 9 China
How did coined money improve trade in China?
  1. easy to carry
  2. doesn't wear out
  3. easier to barter with
  4. all of the above
Grade 9 China
What is loess?
  1. yellowish silt/fertile soil
  2. the Chinese word for "loss"
  3. the way the Chinese farmed
  4. none of the above
Grade 9 China
The Mandate of Heaven
  1. prevented the overthrow of a corrupt ruler.
  2. declared that the king was divine.
  3. became a basic principle of Chinese government to change from one dynastic family to the next.
  4. disregarded the Dao, the key to proper behavior under Confucianism.
Grade 9 China
What is the capital of China?
  1. Shanghai
  2. Guangzhou
  3. Nanjing
  4. Beijing
Grade 9 China
The Himalayas separated ancient China from
  1. Mongolia.
  2. India.
  3. Korea.
  4. Japan.
Grade 9 China
What happened to the population of China during the Han dynasty?
  1. It shrank dramatically.
  2. It grew slowly.
  3. It increased rapidly.
  4. It stayed about the same as it had before the Han.
Grade 9 China
Along which border did the Chinese build the Great Wall?
  1. southeast
  2. northeast
  3. northwest
  4. southwest
Grade 9 China
Why did the Han emperors need a complex governmental bureaucracy?
  1. because the country was vast and diverse
  2. because the Han emperors had huge egos
  3. Buddha told the Han emperors to rule that way
  4. because the country was small
Grade 9 China
In ancient China, the family was important because
  1. Chinese society was matriarchal.
  2. farming required the work of many people.
  3. many priests were needed to make oracle bones.
  4. the Chinese were very religious.
Grade 9 China
What is sericulture?
  1. science of silk production
  2. science of paper production
  3. culture of the seri people
  4. are you reading the answers or just guessing
Grade 9 China
Which was China's longest dynasty?
  1. Xia
  2. Shang
  3. Beijing
  4. Zhou
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