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Grade 6 Ancient History
What is agriculture?
  1. raising animals for food
  2. searching for new kinds of plants to eat
  3. living off wild game and plants
  4. working the land in order to grow plants on it
Grade 6 Mesopotamia

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The development of agriculture meant that
  1. early people had to become nomads.
  2. there was no longer a need for water.
  3. crops could be grown in the tundra.
  4. people had a reliable food source.
Grade 9 Ancient History
Agriculture was important because
  1. people like having gardens.
  2. people were able to obtain food without moving around.
  3. people were able to learn about tobacco.
Grade 9 Economics
When food is produced by a family for its own needs this is called                        .
  1. sustainable agriculture
  2. subsistence agriculture
  3. agribusiness
  4. multiple planting
Grade 9 Latin American Geography
In the rain forest regions of South America, farmers use a technique known as shifting agriculture or                           .
  1. slash and grow agriculture
  2. slash and burn agriculture
  3. bomb and burn agriculture
  4. slash and burn camping
Grade 11 Great Depression
The Agricultural Adjustment Act was created to
  1. increase spending on defense and trade.
  2. help farmers pay for their seeds and feed for the animals.
  3. pay farmers to dispose of excess crops and livestock.
  4. regulate the stock market and make trade investments safer.
Grade 10 Ancient History
This was another name for the Agricultural Revolution
  1. Industrial Revolution
  2. Paleolithic Revolution
  3. Neolithic Revolution
  4. Evolution Revolution
Grade 4 Defining Words
Grade 4 Defining Words
had a different opinion
  1. agriculture
  2. disagreed
  3. advancements
Grade 7 Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems
Grade 4 Defining Words
improvements that move an idea ahead
  1. advancements
  2. agriculture
  3. characteristics
Grade 4 Defining Words
commonly accepted, used, or widespread
  1. prevalent
  2. agriculture
  3. disagreed
Grade 6 Ancient History
What change led to the Agricultural Revolution?
  1. People learned how to gather fruits and nuts.
  2. People began to use machines to make goods.
  3. Humans began to move from place to place to hunt animals.
  4. People learned to grow food by planting seeds.
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