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Grade 4 Spelling
Grade 4 Reconstruction
What did the Reconstruction Act do?
  1. it allowed men to vote
  2. It allowed African American men to vote
  3. it allowed women to vote
Grade 3 Defining Words
not allowing
  1. argue
  2. forecast
  3. stranded
  4. forbidding
College Meal Planning
The term RDA stands for:
  1. required daily allotment
  2. required dietary allowances
  3. requested daily allowances
  4. recommended dietary allowances
Grade 10 Daily Living Skills
Why are the finished garment measures on a sewing pattern envelope slightly larger than the body measurements?
  1. allow for fabric shrinkage
  2. accounts for variation in seam allowance
  3. accounts for design variations
  4. allow for ease
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